Dehydrated 乾花 Flower

Flowers, a prevailing metaphor for women.


Flowers, Flourish and wither inevitably,

Yet man makes every endeavor to freeze her youth.

Photography, paintings, poetry, fiction and music attempt to solidify time,

Yet it is merely Fragmentary.

Just as flowers of dehydration.


As it is to flowers, as it is to human,

The mankind strives to capture and perpetuate the momentary.

Is it the ultimate purpose to keep the timeless state,

Or to seek the exuberant vitality of life

From birth, growth, aging to death?

Dehydrated Flower
would like to explore about Life.

It is a common analogy in art and in history of the world to liken flowers to human beings, and even more common to liken them to women. Is this love of beauty in women’s nature? Or it is more like men’s ‘second nature’?

Flowers bloom and wither, but people tend to do everything they can to make their most glorious moments stay. They use photography, painting, poetry, fiction and music to stop time, but never succeeded in making the beauty of flowers stay, least of all with the dehydrating process. The same applies to flowers and to human beings. People strive to capture transient beauty and make it eternal. Are they trying to encapsulate moments, or are they looking for the exuberant vitality that is bursting forth in every stage of life, from birth to death, with growing up and aging in between?





Choreographer & Dancer 編舞及舞者:Ivy Tsui 徐奕婕
Set designer 舞台設計:Yuen Hon Wai 阮漢威 
Video designer 錄像設計:Oliver Shing 成博民
Composer & Live musician 作曲及現場音樂:Lego Shum 沈樂民
Lighting designer 燈光設計:Bert Wong 黃宇恆
Graphic designer 平面設計: Benny Leung 梁子峰
Rehearsal assistant 排練助理:Blue Ka Wing 藍嘉穎
Producer 監製:Wan Wai Ching 尹偉程 

Premiere (stage version) 舞台版首演出日期:
9-10.1.2015 (五至六 Fri – Sat)
10-11.1.2015 (六至日 Sat – Sun)
Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre葵青劇院黑盒劇場

Premiere (stage version) 舞台版首演出日期:
28.5.2017 (日 Sun)
Discovery Bay Plaza 愉景灣廣場


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