Site-Specific Dance: Quan Quan



環境舞蹈《圈圈》@ Kubrick Hong Kong的製作歷程

日期/Date: 2011.12.10-11 (六及日) (Sat-Sun)
時間/Time:下午三時正 3pm
地點/Venue:香港油麻地Kubrick ,油麻地眾坊街3號駿發花園h2地舖
shop h2, prosperous garden, 3 public square st., yaumatei, kln, hksar.
主辦/Presented By:常春藤劇場 IVY Theatre
協辦及場地贊助/Supported By :Kubrick
編舞及舞者/Choreographer and Dancer:徐奕婕 Ivy Tsui Yik Chit
節目製作助理/Production Assistance: 鄺麗彥 Rita Kwong Lai Yin
攝影及平面設計/Photographer & Graphic Designer:Leecat Ho @DejaVu Creative
服裝設計/Costume Designer:Ivy Kwan @GIALLO Collections
鳴謝/Special Thanks:不加鎖舞踊館 Unlock Dancing Plaza


環境舞蹈《圈圈》是由來自香港的年青舞者徐奕婕自編自演的作品,亦是於Kubrick 北京分店上演過的環境舞蹈 《豆兒》的延續。由北京回到香港,是進是退﹖是幸運還是宿命﹖是提升了還是”兜著圈圈”﹖放下現實的煩憂,讓氣味作導遊,邀請物件們當舞伴,與觀眾一起在煥然一新的Kubrick”兜一下圈圈”,從身邊”豆”一般的小事物中發掘屬於自己的喜悅。

Site-specific Dance “QuanQuan”

In modern times, dance is no longer limited to a formal theatre. Site-specific dance acts a dialogue between people and a specific space. Through this special communication, one may discover a brand new perspective on dance, and perhaps, even life as a whole.

Choreographed and performed by Hong Kong young artist Ivy Tsui, “QuanQaun”(means circling) is a site-specific dance, in which the performers, inspired by a particular location, move through its conceptual space with interpretative movements. By letting scents act as guides, and incorporating ordinary objects as dance partners, “QuanQuan” invites the audience to complete the journey, in hopes of finding joy in life’s smallest things.


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