Site-Specific Dance in Beijing: Beans



協辦及場地贊助 : 庫布里克書店,北京朝陽區文化館九個劇場


In modern times, dance is no longer limited to a formal theatre. Site-specific dance acts a dialogue between people and a specific space. Through this special communication, one may discover a brand new perspective on dance, and perhaps, even life as a whole.

Choreographed and performed by Hong Kong independent artist Ivy Tsui, “Beans” is a site-specific dance, in which the performers, inspired by a particular location, move through its conceptual space with interpretative movements. By letting scents act as guides, and incorporating ordinary objects as dance partners, “Beans” invites the audience to complete the journey, in hopes of finding joy in life’s smallest things, such as a bean.

Presented by The Body Acts
Supported by Kubrick Book Store, Beijing Chaoyang District Culture Centre Nine Theatre

Beijing Kubrick bookstore <Beans>
Date: 2011 June 11-12(Saturday-Sunday)
Time: 3pm
Venue: Kubrick bookstore, Grand MOMA, Tower 2, 1 Xiongheyuen Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Choreographer and Dancer: Ivy Tsui Yik Chit
The performance is about 45 minutes.

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